Hi everyone.  About 6 months back I wrote a lengthy post on Vatsim looking for a coder to work with me to make highly accurate aircraft panels.   A few people answered the call and six months later I am happy to report that we have completed a phase 1 prototype of the MJC Q400 overhead […]

Hi Everyone, The MJC Q400 is regarded as one of the best payware aircraft on the market. Nearly every switch and system is simulated and works in the sim. Even better, nearly all of the inputs and outputs of the aircraft can be coded to work with controllers. goodbye mouse and keyboard. The goal of

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Odd place to start, but I have completed the 8 position switch for manual mode. It’s not too exciting, but it’s done(less the knob). I used the following rotary switch: Grayhill Single Pole, 8 position the pole is connected to ground the rest to digital inputs using the Aurduino internal PULL UP resistors. Solder, heatshrink,

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We are flying more than we have ever before. Annually, there are over 36.8 million commercial flights alone, and this doesn’t include the shipment and cargo operations. Overall, this makes for 100,000 flights daily and once again, we are failing to take into consideration the air forces of individual countries who have drills and exercises

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