The Q400 Project is here. After many years of wanting to build a home cockpit I finally went down the rabbit hole. I started off with a simple build cutting some plywood and using my existing Saitek gauges this was basic and functional but it lacked a certain degree of realism. After a few posts on AvSim (Awesome site for everything Aviation Sim) I met Eli, my partner in crime on this build. Our goal was to build a realistic cockpit where all of the internal buttons switches and systems are simulated (no more clicking in the virtual cockpit with the mouse and keyboard). We decided to build the Q400 Dash-8 using Majestic Software’s Q400 as the aircraft to interface. We chose the MJC Q400 because nearly everything inside the cockpit can be mapped to custom built controllers. Also it is a plane that requires a lot of pilot management (it doesn’t practically fly itself like the new fancy airliners).

We are using P3D v4.5 (or the most current version)

Follow us on our journey, post in the forum. We intend on posting detailed build information and providing all sorts of code, documentation, parts lists (and links) along with any files we can provide so that you can replicate our build or customize your own. Stay tuned!!

We thank you for checking out our project and if you are building your own cockpit, we wish you the best of luck on your journey.

A quick note on why we teamed up for this build…

As I mentioned above I am a coder and Eli is an engineer. There are many skills required to build a home cockpit and it is extremely rare for one person to posses all the skills and tools required to make a fully functional and highly realistic build. But we know that and the intention of this website is to provide you with whatever we can to help you bridge the skills gap.

Capt. Randy & Capt. Eli